2011 Show

The GPN summer exhibition in 2011 More Guys Hanging was held to coincide with London Pride at the end of June. The venue for the exhibition was the Strand Gallery in central London only a couple of minutes walk from Trafalgar Square. Over 1200 people visited the week long exhibition. With over 100 photographs by forty photographers (professionals and talented amateurs) the show covered a wide range of genres from portraits to cityscapes, abstracts to landscapes. Work by published photographers, Dean Stockings, Zach Burns, Gaz, and Leigh Carter was included as well as images from David Cook and Neil Young two members of the group who had solo exhibitions in the capital prior to the GPN show.

‘MORE GUYS HANGING’ was the second annual exhibition by the GAY PHOTOGRAPHERS NETWORK as part of the PRIDE FESTIVAL, with over 40 photographers (professionals and talented amateurs) from the group taking part.

The event was opened by actress and singer Toyah Willcox. Toyah welcomed representatives of the media and guests and expressed her delight at being invited to open the show. She said the exhibition was the result of a great mixture of talent and creativity and was the group was to be admired for supporting such worthy charities with the event. “To see collective works such as these intensifies the individual visions of each and every photographer. It is inspiring”, she said.

As with the 2010 show, activities during the week-long exhibition raised money for charity resulting in over £1300 being donated in total to support two charities, The Disabled Photographers’ Society and London Friend.

Messages of support:

“I am pleased to once again provide a message of support to the Gay Photographer’s Network for your exhibition, ‘More Guys Hanging’.

It is wonderful to see people coming together to express their creativity and contribute to Pride London – a wonderful expression of the artistic flare made byLondon’s LGBT communities inLondonand beyond.

Your efforts have gone from strength to strength and I congratulate you on the increasing number of submissions from photographers and the dynamism of this year’s event. Such events energiseLondon’s cultural fabric. They also reach out to all communities and demonstrate whyLondonis well renowned for its culture of embracing diversity and cultivating creativity. I wish you all the luck with this event and all your future endeavors.

Long may it continue!”

Deputy Mayor of London Richard Barnes

“We are pleased to have been invited to be part of this wonderful event, we are extremely grateful to the Gay Photographers Network for choosing to support our appeal to buy our LGBT community Centre.”

Matthew Halliday, Chief Executive, London Friend

“We are delighted to once again receive much valued support from the Gay Photographers’ Network. It is especially meaningful to the DPS as both our societies share a common interest in a medium, which allows us all to express ourselves in ways which words alone are often inadequate.”

Thomas Molloy, Chairman, The Disabled Photographer’s Society


Photographers exhibiting at More Guys Hanging included:

Paul Gatenby, DavidCook, Andrew Eastwood, Cliff Docherty, Rob Exon, Pedro Gutierrez Montejo, Steven David Lim, John Eland, Stephen McKenna, Steve Power, Paul Gatenby, Ben Glean, Matt Turrell, Neil Croft, Keith Fernandez, John Drennan, Darren Brade, Zach Burns, Etiene Steyn, Neil Young, Leigh Carter, Kamlan Munsamy, Nickolai Volobuyev, Paul Newman, Andre Dickson, Gaz, Dean Stockings, Douglas Deacon, Hugh Dickson, Gokhan Tanriover

The More Guys Hanging exhibition book is available from blurb.com.



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