Ed Hossack


Returning to London a couple of years ago after living in Sydney for eight years, London’s architecture, people, art and culture re-ignited my interest in photography beyond tourist-snaps of Sydney harbour and beach-life in Australia (not that there’s anything wrong with tourist-snaps, and certainly nothing wrong with Australian beach-life). Initially, my photos were all taken on my I-Phone as I wondered around and clicked shots of any building, anything or anyone who appeared interesting to me. Armed with a grown-up DSLR purchased from the extensive range in duty free at Heathrow en route back to Australia for a holiday at the beginning of the year, I experimented with more photos of Sydney, and of people fishing, surfing and sun-worshipping in Port Macquarie up the New South Wales coast. Since then, I have loved walking around London DSLR in hand, in some cases retaking photos that I’d taken initially on my I-Phone. I remain fascinated by architecture, and taking photos of well-known buildings and landmarks from (what I think are) unusual perspectives or angles. (My partner and friends are concerned that I might need therapy for my obsession with the Shard). London’s street culture and people are also an endless source of material (it is definitely more of a challenge to take photos of interesting and curious people on the Northern Line with a DSLR than an I-Phone).

I’m inspired by and in awe of photographers such as Herbert List, John Witzig, Max Dupain and Jeff Carter. I was incredibly lucky that while in Australia my paths crossed with the cartoonist, writer, painter, philosopher and poet Michael Leunig, Oscar-winning illustrator and writer Shaun Tan, and with Bill Henson, arguably Australia’s finest living photographer. More recently, I stumbled across the work of a young French photographer called Marwane Pallas, who has an incredibly vivid and creative imagination, sometimes somewhat disturbing, and a huge talent to bring his ideas to life. Enough singing praises of others. If you’re interested to see more of my photos, they can be found with the following link. Enjoy.




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