David Cook


After years working for a number of large media organisations David took a leap into freelance photography and has never looked back. His focus is on collaboration, bringing the best from his clients; families, performers, creatives and people new to working in-front of the camera. So come along, share your dream, your […]

Graham Martin


From an early age I have been involved in the arts in one way or another, painting, acting, singing and of course photography.

In 2010 photography became my profession. Being a freelance photographer takes me down many roads but the one I enjoy most is working with people, in particular the […]

Andrew J Eastwood

Arju The Zebra Boy

Andrew was given his first camera at the age of 10 sparking a life-long interest in photography. Although he has had successful careers in other fields, he now plans to make photography a full-time occupation. Andrew travels extensively and particularly enjoys journeys to Asia out of which […]

Matt Spike

I started working as a leather escort at 20 years old and have taken many of the ideas and experiences from this time and used them to influence my work as a photographer and videographer. I like to produce work that is erotic or extreme in nature. My career has given me so much […]

William Wilcox


A few years ago a friend asked me if I’d do a photoshoot for him to create a portfolio; I wasn’t very confident about this, as I’d never thought of myself as a ‘real’ photographer. However, the results were put up on a modelling website, and I soon began to get requests to […]

Leigh Carter


Leigh has the ability of capturing beautiful images by letting his creativity explore the darkest of feelings to the lightest of moods. He is quickly becoming a well-known name in the industry for his male form work, for which he dedicates most of his time.

Described as a talented photographer who is very […]

Manel Ortega

Manel Ortega’s work focuses mainly on portraiture and the male form with a strong imagination and sometimes a surreal vision. His work and style are diverse but always genuine. He creates raw and emotionally driven images. He has been working professionally as a photographer for 20 years and has been featured in various publications […]

Chris Gunton

I was born in London. Totally self taught as a photographer. My work is the Human Body and the World Around Me and has been exhibited in galleries all over Europe including, The National Portrait Gallery and The Institute of Contemporary Arts (both in London), and appearing in magazines and as […]

Michele Martinoli

After leaving Switzerland in her teens, Martinoli relocated to London in 1969 where she completed a Diploma in Photography. She subsequently obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) in Photography & Multimedia from the University of Westminster.

She quickly carved herself a niche within the Gay Market with her unique images of the male […]


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