William To

William To manipulates light and shadow, color and texture to connect with his audience and invoke emotional response. More than just technically perfect, his work transforms the everyday, revealing beauty, complexity, and energy. Originally from Brisbane in Australia, To is known for his bold use of colour and digital manipulation, creating […]

Mike Wines


Mike Wines grew up in a small town in Bedfordshire in the 60s. “I was lucky enough to be a child in a time of great technological advance and without the constraints that kids today are subject to. My friends and I would get on our bikes early in the morning and our […]

Javier Gallego

Javier is a graduate in Film and Photographic Arts and studied Professional Photography at The London College of Printing.

His film and video work has been screened at festivals in USA, Canada, and across Europe.

His photography has been shown at The National Portrait Gallery and featured in The Evening Standard […]

William Wilcox


A few years ago a friend asked me if I’d do a photoshoot for him to create a portfolio; I wasn’t very confident about this, as I’d never thought of myself as a ‘real’ photographer. However, the results were put up on a modelling website, and I soon began to get requests to […]

Jon Eland

A Yorkshireman by birth and in heart, Jon’s photography career started with a first camera arriving when he was nine. He trained in the visual arts, learning darkroom and film techniques but his photography started to bloom when, in 2006, he got his first digital camera and brought together his creative ideas, understanding of […]

Scott A Hamilton

I started developing my own black and white photographs while at university in the 80s and even then I was always interested more in photographing people. I’m a big fan of 17-20th century paintings and this influence can be seen in my work. In these digital days I’ve been using a DSLR for my […]

Manel Ortega

Manel Ortega’s work focuses mainly on portraiture and the male form with a strong imagination and sometimes a surreal vision. His work and style are diverse but always genuine. He creates raw and emotionally driven images. He has been working professionally as a photographer for 20 years and has been featured in various publications […]

Chris Gunton

I was born in London. Totally self taught as a photographer. My work is the Human Body and the World Around Me and has been exhibited in galleries all over Europe including, The National Portrait Gallery and The Institute of Contemporary Arts (both in London), and appearing in magazines and as […]

Carlos Baez


Carlos was born in Barcelona and moved to London in time to see the change of millennium. His work started with travel and landscape photography, something he still loves. In the last years he has been exploring his passion in portraiture, particularly the male figure and its raw beauty in its simple form […]

Steve Power

My art and photography have been influenced by my sexuality, people I have met on my journey in life and artists whom I admire. My photography now concentrates on expressing my “inner world and thoughts”. Over the last two decades I have tried to portray life and people in a “Primal” way, which is […]


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