Kamlan Munsamy


Kamlan Munsamy is a London based freelance creative whose passion is creating compelling images, both still and moving. Kam focusses on traditional photography, image manipulation, 3D compositing, graphic design and motion graphics.

David Cook


After years working for a number of large media organisations David took a leap into freelance photography and has never looked back. His focus is on collaboration, bringing the best from his clients; families, performers, creatives and people new to working in-front of the camera. So come along, share your dream, your […]

Graham Martin


From an early age I have been involved in the arts in one way or another, painting, acting, singing and of course photography.

In 2010 photography became my profession. Being a freelance photographer takes me down many roads but the one I enjoy most is working with people, in particular the […]

Geoff Titley

Geoff uses staged portraits and tableaux to explore the way our social behaviour is being moulded by the new technology we create. At the same time he is interested in how digital technology is impacting photography and the way photography is evolving as a result.

To see more […]

Rustom Mehta

Ever since he was a young lad growing up in Mumbai, whether it was his digital camera or mobile phone, you would find him clicking away, experimenting with angles and ideas.

Rustom’s creative bent of mind lead him to a course in fashion at one of the world’s leading institutes: London College of Fashion […]

Rubén Alfaro

I studied Special Effects Design in London South Bank University. Soon after graduating I started working in the film industry, I have a big passion for photography and decided to start mixing my work in special effects with my photography, which gave way to what I do in photography at the moment.

My photography […]

Matt Spike

I started working as a leather escort at 20 years old and have taken many of the ideas and experiences from this time and used them to influence my work as a photographer and videographer. I like to produce work that is erotic or extreme in nature. My career has given me so much […]

William To

William To manipulates light and shadow, color and texture to connect with his audience and invoke emotional response. More than just technically perfect, his work transforms the everyday, revealing beauty, complexity, and energy. Originally from Brisbane in Australia, To is known for his bold use of colour and digital manipulation, creating […]

Scott A Hamilton

I started developing my own black and white photographs while at university in the 80s and even then I was always interested more in photographing people. I’m a big fan of 17-20th century paintings and this influence can be seen in my work. In these digital days I’ve been using a DSLR for my […]

Nicolas Chinardet

As a self-taught amateur photographer, I am particularly aware of the tension between the documentary and the artistic. With an eye for the quirky detail, I try to marry both harmoniously.

My work has been shown in the following exhibitions:

– Men: Deep Desires and Broken Dreams, Riverside Studios, February 2012,



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