Peter Whiddon

I consider myself an amateur photographer who has a strong focus on still life, architecture and reportage style photography. Producing several books of studies I have done being supported with strong photography.

Adam Heasman

I have always enjoyed taking pictures and decided one day to try challenging myself by taking photos I could share with the world. Thanks mainly to websites like Facebook and especially Twitter I have really been able to stretch my wings. I have made some brilliant contacts and been able to meet some amazing […]

Gokhan Tanriover

Gökhan was born in the beautiful city of Izmir (Turkey) and moved to London at a very young age because the sun, the beach and crystal-clear waters weren’t as fun as grey skies and concrete buildings.

Also, he was just a little kid when he moved to the UK, so he […]

Eddie Clarke

Eddie Clarke is a picture researcher and editor specializing in fine art. He is an enthusiastic amateur photographer keen on building his skills. Interest include architecture, still life and landscape. His work was selected by Tate Modern to celebrate its 10th anniversary on its website. This is his first exhibition.



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