Joseph O’Rourke

Losing my working class Scouse roots to hippy west-country ways at an early age, I grew up with crystal healing, astral projection, karmic astrology, vedic meditation and free love. Naturally I moved to the big smoke to be closer to the misery I craved.

Photography never helped.


Brent Martin

Brent A. Martin is a London-based photographer and lawyer. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, to an English father and Australian mother, he made London his home in 1996, drawn by the huge diversity and sheer energy the city offers. He now lives in north London with his husband and their cat.

His work is […]

Ed Hossack

Returning to London a couple of years ago after living in Sydney for eight years, London’s architecture, people, art and culture re-ignited my interest in photography beyond tourist-snaps of Sydney harbour and beach-life in Australia (not that there’s anything wrong with tourist-snaps, and certainly nothing wrong with Australian beach-life). Initially, my photos […]

Adam Heasman

I have always enjoyed taking pictures and decided one day to try challenging myself by taking photos I could share with the world. Thanks mainly to websites like Facebook and especially Twitter I have really been able to stretch my wings. I have made some brilliant contacts and been able to meet some amazing […]

Gokhan Tanriover

Gökhan was born in the beautiful city of Izmir (Turkey) and moved to London at a very young age because the sun, the beach and crystal-clear waters weren’t as fun as grey skies and concrete buildings.

Also, he was just a little kid when he moved to the UK, so he […]

James King



I am a graphic designer and photographer. My photographic vision encompasses those strong dynamic moments of life caught in a graphic way. I aim to capture the essence of a moment and shed some light onto an experience that I can share with the viewer. By using colour, culture and […]

Fernando Nonohay

Fernando studied photography at CityLit when he started a project based on a series of photos taken from the top of a London double-decker bus. The result of this project is the website, where each photo is accompanied by a short-story.

He has a passion for street photography, capturing the exciting, unexpected, surreal, […]

Mike Wines


Mike Wines grew up in a small town in Bedfordshire in the 60s. “I was lucky enough to be a child in a time of great technological advance and without the constraints that kids today are subject to. My friends and I would get on our bikes early in the morning and our […]

Richard Ellison

Richard uses photography as an excuse to escape the day-to-day extravagance of London. His family are keen photographers and this has inspired him to seek out a slightly different perspective to the events put before him.


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