John Drennan

John Drennan has been photographing the world around him for the last 20 years. He is naturally drawn to images of travel, urban decay and landscapes, and tries to capture images that tell the story as he saw it. He is currently experimenting with creating photographic artwork printed on acrylic and aluminium, and sells […]

Andrew J Eastwood

Arju The Zebra Boy

Andrew was given his first camera at the age of 10 sparking a life-long interest in photography. Although he has had successful careers in other fields, he now plans to make photography a full-time occupation. Andrew travels extensively and particularly enjoys journeys to Asia out of which […]

Gokhan Tanriover

Gökhan was born in the beautiful city of Izmir (Turkey) and moved to London at a very young age because the sun, the beach and crystal-clear waters weren’t as fun as grey skies and concrete buildings.

Also, he was just a little kid when he moved to the UK, so he […]

Bryan Daniels-Hepnar


Bryan is an amateur photographer in what is one of his favourite hobbies [sailing/boating being the other].

He owes his interest in photography to his mother, Veronica Jacobs, who always had a camera in hand and was always snapping away! He then studied photography at school when it was all film and dark […]

Cliff Docherty


I’m a self taught photographer, having caught the bug as a kid when my dad gave me his old camera and I haven’t stopped taking photos since, nor hankering after the latest shiny new kit on the market. I don’t really have one style or type subejct as I like […]

Coenraad Uys

My photography career started informally when my parents bought my first film camera in 1989! A small hand held that turned me out to be vary happy snappy from them on. I changed my equipment over the years to more sophisticated SLR’s with more lenses than one could carry to the modern digital SLR’s. […]


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