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Mike Wines grew up in a small town in Bedfordshire in the 60s. “I was lucky enough to be a child in a time of great technological advance and without the constraints that kids today are subject to. My friends and I would get on our bikes early in the morning and our parents pretty much wouldn’t see us until dinnertime. Looking back, my childhood seems to have been full of sticklebacks in jamjars, sunny days, climbing trees, exploring woods and rivers and Daleks and Thunderbirds on TV. I probably owe my career in IT to Gerry Anderson.”

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a little with my work: 15 years in San Francisco and other areas of California, with trips to Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and New York. Currently I’m living in Hampshire and working in Northampton. I’m married with two grown-up children.

My first camera was an old bellows Kodak but in the ‘70s I graduated to my first 35mm SLR – a Practica. Now I’m shooting with a Nikon D60. I’m strictly amateur, which means I can shoot what I like, try different styles and experiment and never stop learning (plus very few deadlines!). I’ve always been a very visual person, drawn to the unusual and quirky. I’m fascinated in equal parts by the beauty of the English countryside, derelict cities, the faces that people wear and nature in all its glory. I take the approach that there’s always something interesting to see and it’s the artist’s job to point it out to people, that and say something about the emotion that certain places at certain times seem to exude. Either that or look for the humour in a shot.

Digital photography for me represents a fascinating mix of exploring our world, then using digital processing to make something beautiful out of what has been captured on camera. These days I spend more time working the images on my laptop than I do capturing them initially. To me it’s about bringing something extra out of the shot, but without being too obvious.  Having said that though, it does all start with the initial shot; I look for beauty and interest in places that others just pass by. To me it’s a magical and fascinating world…

See more of my work on Flickr: userid = mikeinfleet


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