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I’m a self taught photographer, having caught the bug as a kid when my dad gave me his old camera and I haven’t stopped taking photos since, nor hankering after the latest shiny new kit on the market.  I don’t really have one style or type subejct as I like to experiment and try to learn as I go along, but if pushed it’s travel photography. The National Geographic photographers are my inspiration and I’ve spent several fortunes travelling to this place and that place to try and photograph them in an original way. My starting point is to look at what postcards are on sale and then go away and try and do something completely different in the same locations. A running project is to photograph postcard racks in the places I visit and eventually, one day, when I clear the constant backlog of editing (yeah that’s going to happen…) I plan to make a collage of them all. At the same time I like to just get a bus or train with no idea where it’s going and just see where I end up. Hopefully not somewhere where I”ll be robbed blind the moment I get off the bus but it does give you a glimpse of another, more ‘real’ part of where you’re visiting.


The photo here was taken in Porto, in northern Portugal and the houses are on the banks of the Douro river. The shabby but colourful houses contrasted well with the shiny new cars and immediately caught my eye.



Twitter: @dochertyphoto


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