Coenraad Uys


My photography career started informally when my parents bought my first film camera in 1989!  A small hand held that turned me out to be vary happy snappy from them on.  I changed my equipment over the years to more sophisticated SLR’s with more lenses than one could carry to the modern digital SLR’s.  I still prefer the wonderful work one can produce with film and hearing the image being captured, but I also appreciate the easy life of the digital world we live in today.


I do the majority of my work during my travelling and I have been embarking onto the world stage since 2000 and could never find myself sitting still since then.  I love architecture and capturing moments in life and how people interact with it and each other.  My travels took me through West and Eastern Europe, the Russian terrains to the warm hearts of the Caribbean.  I explored Africa and the USA to bring me back to Europe where I live today even though Africa’s footprint was burned on my heart since birth.  And my world map is still growing…


With me being a world citizen I had exhibitions in various countries displaying some of the art pieces I have selected for the website.  I do enjoy the odd project working with models and capturing their very best for something close to their hearts.

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